1. What is your return policy? Defective products are eligible for credit or replacement within 30 days of order date. Replacements will be shipped upon receipt of defective merchandise via ground shipment at Watertight Storage Case Company's expense. Watertight Storage Case Company will provide a return shipping address and a return authorization (RA) number. RA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and must be obtained within 30 days of ship date. Packages must have the RA number written visibly on the shipping box with a brief description of the product defect inside. Returns will be handled according to the following schedule (must be received within 30 days of order receipt):

Return Condition Return Policy
Defective Upon Shipment Credit for cost of item(s) or replacement
New (Unopened) Credit for cost of item(s) if returned within 15 days of receipt
New (Unopened) Credit for cost of item(s) minus 15% restocking fee* (within 30 days of receipt)
Used (Opened) Credit for cost of item(s) minus 15%-100% restocking fee*
Damaged, Missing Parts Non-Returnable

* Watertight Storage Case Company reserves the right to evaluate product return conditions and assess restocking fees at its own discretion. Watertight Storage Case Company is not responsible for any item not received at its warehouse. Allow 7-10 business days for processing returns. The Watertight Storage Case Company does not handle repairs.

2. How secure is the site for credit card orders? We use PayPal as our credit card processor. Before entering your credit card information you will be directed to the PayPal website where PayPal's securty protocols are enforced.

3. How can I order without providing credit card information? Add the desired products to your shopping cart. After you are finished shopping, select the method of payment. You will then be able to print a receipt summarizing your order so you can FAX or mail it in with your payment. Orders will not be processed until payment is received and checks have cleared.

4. Do you accept Paypal payments? Yes, we do accept Paypal payments. Click on the PayPal payment option and after clicking on the "Submit" button you will be redirected to the PayPal website.

5. What are the internal dimensions of your OtterBox cases?

Case Series length width depth
1000 3.700" 2.350" 1.00"
2000 5.757" 3.140" 0.979"
2500 5.691" 3.063" 2.741"
3000 7.639" 3.723 1.229"
3250 7.587" 3.648" 2.226"
3500 7.549" 3.606" 3.326"
8000 1.935" 2.831" 5.188"
9000 1.824" 2.709" 6.930"

6. What are the internal dimensions of your Otter S3 cases?

Case Series length width depth
1000 3.93" 2.39" 0.94"
2000 6.00" 3.41" 1.19"
2500 6.00" 3.41" 2.77"
3000 7.88" 3.90 1.42"
3500 7.88" 3.90" 3.53"
5000 9.37" 7.34" 4.08"
5500 9.37" 7.34" 6.08"
6000 11.93" 9.02" 4.05"
6500 11.93" 9.02" 5.98"
7.  What is the difference between OtterBox cases and Otter S3 cases?

One of the owners of S3 Cases, LLC is a former founder and partner of Otter Products.  He saw a need for continuing a line of hard-sided cases.  So S3 (Strategic Sourcing Solutions) Cases was launched to meet the small plastic case needs of OEM manufacturers throughout the world.  Since its launch, the entrepreneurial company has manufactured custom plastic cases for numerous applications – from handheld electronics to medical devices.  Watertight Storage Case Company has been an S3 distributor since S3 cases was founded in 2003. 

The S3 line of cases offered by Watertight Storage Case Company are similar to sizes formerly offered by Otter Products.  The latching system is slightly different and S3 cases use stainless steel pins in the hinge and latches (to avoid rust).  S3 cases use a textured surface for a professional looking case versus the smooth surface that OtterBox cases used.  Unlike the one year guarantee offered on OtterBox cases, S3 cases come with a lifetime guarantee.