OtterBox 2500 Waterproof Case

OtterBox 2500 Waterproof Case

OtterBox 2500 Waterproof Case
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OtterBox has discontinued its dry box line and we have SOLD OUT of the 2500 Series case.  Check out our line of S3 “Otter” cases as a possible substitute.  These Otter cases have similar dimensions to the current OtterBox waterproof cases.  S3 purchased the molds for the S3 "Otter" cases from OtterBox in 2003 and has been manufacturing these cases under their logo since then.

Click this link to see S3 "Otter" 2500 series case

The OtterBox 2500 case is waterproof, crushproof AND airtight. 
(It floats barring excessive concentrated weight.)   This case is a patented drybox designed to handle full submersions--up to 100 feet!  Made of high-quality polycarbonate.
(SKU: OTR3-2500S)

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Solid color bottom with clear lid:
Available colors:  SOLD OUT

All solid color lids and case bottoms are lined with a thin layer of foam.  Frosty Clear case has no foam lining.

Protection for:

- sunglasses, cell phone, small digital camera

- GPS unit

- keys

- Battery storage: Holds one 6V, two 9Vs, 2 Ds, 2 Cs, and 6 AAs

- Hunting Supply Storage: Ammunition, black powder, reloading

- Communications and Navigation Equipment Protection -- 2-way radio, cell phone, digital radio

- Small universal case for disaster and emergency kits

- Perfect Utility Case for fishing reels, first aid supplies, fly tying supplies, fire starting supplies

- Foam padding (except frosty clear cases) protects items while traveling 

Internal Dimensions 5.691" x 3.063" x 2.741"
External Dimensions 6.855" x 4.563" x 3.590"